Who is Still Hiring Software Engineers and EMs?

đź‘‹ Hi, this is Gergely with a bonus, free issue of the Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter. We cover one out of five topics in today’s subscriber-only The Scoop issue. To get this newsletter every week, subscribe here. In the midst of »

The Scoop: Tech Layoffs in 2022

I get a lot of scoop sent by readers (thank you!). Sadly, in 2022, a good part of the scoop is about companies laying off people. Some of this scoop has not been reported before. I don't want to broadcast »

Cruel Changes at Twitter

The speedrun for a complete culture overhaul at Twitter continues, and may conclude just two weeks after Elon Musk bought the company. Managers will have 20+ reports and are expected to code at least 20% of the time. »

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