Here are books I recommend for software engineers or managers. Since leaving Uber, I've been writing books on technology-related topics:

Building Mobile Apps at Scale | Growing as a Mobile Engineer | The Tech Resume Inside Out | The Software Engineer's Guidebook

Building Mobile Apps at Scale: 39 Engineering Challenges

Building mobile applications at scale is just as challenging as architecting and operating distributed systems. I know - I've done both for years at Uber. There tends to be little understanding of these problems until coming across them - and even fewer resources on to go about addressing them.

The missing guide for building large, iOS and Android native apps -with the challenges and common solutions across the industry.

Get the book here: Building Mobile Apps at Scale

Growing as a Mobile Engineer

How do you grow to a senior iOS/Android engineer? How can you then go beyond, breaking the mobile engineering "glass ceiling" that exists in many companies?

I've been a mobile engineer myself, growing to the principal level, and later managed teams of mobile engineers. In this book, I share 30 pieces of advice to keep growing professionally. Get the book here.

The Tech Resume Inside Out

I've been a hiring manager for over 5 years, seeing hundreds of software engineer and engineering manager resumes. I reached out to 20, even more experienced tech recruiters and hiring managers to write this book. It's (probably) the most comprehensive and actionable advice on how to write a resume that represents you fairly, as a software professional.

Get the book here: The Tech Resume Inside Out: what a good software engineer resume looks like.

The Software Engineer's Guidebook (WIP)

The book follows the typical career path of a software engineer: from starting off as an entry-level developer, growing into senior/lead positions, all the way to being successful at the staff/principal levels at tech companies and startups.

I've been writing this book coming up two years. Coming when it's ready - hopefully around early 2023, in print and as an e-book. Read more about the background of this book and sign up to get notified when the book launches.