Working at Silicon Valley Companies - in Europe

I've recently been talking with several other people working in the European offices of Silicon Valley tech companies: Databricks in Amsterdam, Facebook in London, Google in Zurich and a few of my long-time colleagues at Uber, in Amsterdam. Most of »

Talk First, Code Later

An engineer from another office and different timezone raises a pull request for a service/library my team owns. The pull request has little to no description and makes no sense from our perspective. We write a long message explaining »

Seniority for Software Engineers: a Tech Talk

Together with agile coach Balint Farkas, we recorded a conversation hosted by Iseeq recruitment in Budapest. We explored what seniority means for software developers. This 30-minute session explored my experience on career paths for software engineers, the difference in impact »

Yes, You Should Estimate Software Projects

I hear more voices saying there is little point in doing time-based estimations on how long building software will take, and thus we should just stop doing it. "Let's just use story points and estimate complexity, but not the time" »

Stop Calling it Bad Code

“This code is bad. We should refactor it.” is something I still hear frequently. “Bad code” has become the common way to refer to any code that's not up to our quality bar. I'm seeing it become a defacto description »

The Product-Minded Software Engineer

Product-minded engineers are developers with lots of interest in the product itself. They want to understand why decisions are made, how people use the product, and love to be involved in making product decisions. They're someone who would likely make »