Job Ads to Hire Software Engineers: My Advice

I've been running The Pragmatic Engineer Job board for several months. This is a job board targeted at software engineers and engineering managers. It's one of the few job boards with a money-back guarantee in case of no qualified applicants: »

Migrations Done Well: Executing Migrations

This is Part 2 in the 3-part series on Migrations Done Well. Part 1: Typical migrations The stories of four different migrationsTypes of migrationsPart 2: Executing a migration (this article) PreparationPre-migrationThe migrationAfter the migrationThe migration’s long-tailPart 3: The people »

Big Tech and the reality of scaling customer support

There are plenty of good examples to take from Big Tech when it comes to software engineering: from how they empower engineers, through how they run projects or even how they architect systems. However, customer support is not one where »

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