Gergely's Now Page

Here's what I'm doing now, as I've left Uber - and full time employment. Here are ways you can connect with me.

The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter

I'm writing the #1 newsletter for engineering managers and senior engineers on Substack. Weekly issues with actionable advice for engineering leaders. Especially relevant for those in big tech and high-growth startups.

Writing a Book

I have been writing a book on growing as a software engineer for close to two years. I'm hoping to publish late 2022 or early 2023. Sign up here to get notified of the release, or progress. Want to help? Share your experience on growing as a software engineer to help tweak contents. Thank you!

My published books:

Other projects

I am building TechPays - democratizing compensation data in tech - and running running The Pragmatic Engineer Talent Collective - helping software engineers and engineering managers get matched with world-class and exciting companies.

Podcasts, talks, conferences [On hold]

Writing my newsletter and working on my book takes up most of my time and the rest is consumed by other projects. I don't have the bandwidth for things I'd like to do below this line - including e.g. YouTube videos.

As of now, I am saying say no to all podcast, talk or conference requests until the middle of 2023, save for ones I agreed to before June 2022.

In 2022, the only conference I'm speaking at is at LeadDev Berlin in Nov 2022.

This Blog and YouTube [Mostly on hold]

Read past articles and sign up for the newsletter to not miss future posts.

I occasionally make videos on my YouTube channel on software engineering and engineering management topics, as an alternative to the longer articles. Subscribe here.

I want to get back to doing more regular YouTube videos, but for now, this is on hold.

Advising and Angel Investing [Not taking on new ones]

I'm an advisor at, a startup revolutionizing the future of mobile tooling and one leading the shift left in mobile engineering. I'm also an advisor and small angel investor in a few other startups.

I invested/said yes to advising startups with a focus on platform engineering (monorepos, mobile tooling, service discoverability & ownership, internal tooling) or payments. Both areas are ones I'm deeply familiar with.

As of July 2022, I am no longer looking to invest in startups or advise them: my plate is full. Also, I learned that being a small-time investor is not always as fun as I imagined.

Interview Advice [On hold]

When I have additional time, I write advice for senior and above engineers, and engineering managers for preparing for Big Tech interviews. Sign up here.

Partnering, collaborating, hopping on a call, coffee chats [No longer doing]

I get an increasing number of outreaches to chat about partnering, collaborating, meeting people.

Sadly, my answer to all of these is "no" for the simple reason that my plate is full, and as per my ethics policy I do not do any partnership or collaboration for any financial gain.

I am not looking for any partnerships or collaborations, and am no longer taking on advising or am interested in investing.

If I'm writing about a topic, I reach out to people and organizations directly if information might be helpful for my writing.

Mentoring [No longer doing]

I no longer do mentoring.

If you have a career-related question as a senior or above engineer or engineering manager, consider submitting it as a question for my newsletter. I tackle topics related to engineering managers in newsletter issues.

I do recommend mentorship for faster growth and here is a list of places you can find great software engineer or engineering manager mentors.

Engineering leadership coaches/mentors I recommend for engineering managers / directors VPs are Paulo André and Andon Drukh (feel free to reference me).

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers' now page.