Gergely's Now Page

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers' now page.

Here's what I'm doing now, as I've left Uber - and full time employment - as of Oct 2020.

Writing a book

Writing a book on growing as a software engineer is my main project. I'm expecting to publish it around Feb/Mar 2021. Sign up here to get notified of the release, or progress. Want to help? Share your experience on growing as a software engineer to help tweak contents. Thank you!

I've recently published my first book: The Tech Resume Inside Out. I wrote this one as a dry run for my book as growing as a software engineer, and learning the process from editing, content design and formatting for all major digital formats. I estimated it to be no more than 100 pages: it ended up being 215. I'm happy with how it came out and its response. This book is free for any developer out of a job. If you are on Goodreads, feel free to add it to your queue or rate/review it.

Exploring startup ideas

I'm seeing a lots of interesting opportunities in platform engineering. I'm observing tech companies investing large just to have a decent development environment for things like monorepos, mobile tooling, service discoverability & ownership and many others.

I'm in the early stage of validating a couple of ideas around these. If I find one that I'm both excited about, and see a reasonable business opportunity, I'm considering starting a new venture the first half of 2021.

If you're building a startup in this space, I'd love to connect and exchange observations. Hit me up at

(Sidenote: as I've been an engineering manager for the past few years and not pushed code to prod, I'm taking the opportunity to be hands-on with these early ideas.)

This blog and YouTube

I've been lucky in having worked at a high-growth phase of venture-backed companies the past 8 years. Skype, Skyscanner and Uber were all in rapid growth phase when I joined. I learned a lot just by being around this time - and I also took on challenges that would have otherwise not been available.

I'll be sharing observations and lessons I picked up on the way, on a weekly basis. Read past articles and sign up to the newsletter to not miss future posts.

I'm also making videos on my YouTube channel on software engineering and engineering management topics, as an alternative to the longer articles. Subscribe here.

Advising high-growth tech companies & the payments space

Note: I'm currently not taking on new contracting opportunities.

I was on the ground during the high growth of Skype in London (from 70 to 350 people), Skyscanner in London (from 3 to 60 people) and Uber in Amsterdam (from 25 to 150 engineers). I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with rapid growth.

At Uber, I've helped build the payment infrastructure that moved and processed $65B in 2019. I headed up the Rider Payments team (everything payments Uber's flagship product), founded the web payments team and payments mobile platform team, and headed up the Uber Pay team.

If you're working in a high-growth environment with challenges around growth or payments at scale, you can reach me at to chat.