The Pragmatic Engineer: Early Trends

This page is a collection on software engineering industry trends that The Pragmatic Engineer reported on, well before mainstream media outlets picked up on these. Read more of these trends here, such as the State of the tech market in 2023 or an RTO wave in late 2022.

Cloud development environments surging in popularity

On cutting back on cloud costs & vendor spend

On Apple enforcing it's return to office (RTO) policy

On Apple going against the job cuts tide

On the Big Tech hiring slowdown

On the very hot 2021 job market

On something fishy happening at events tech company Pollen

  • First reported on events tech Pollen in May 2022, commenting on poorly executed layoffs. On 22 June 2022, on an engineering Town Hall, answering the question on what he thought of this article, the CEO of the company, Callum-Negus Fancey responded: "I do find like there's a real lack of accountability, no checks, and balances with this kind of investigative journalism. You know, it's not like [BBC] Panorama and things that are done properly and where it's broadcast. It's a very small organization. They chose to take a very one-sided view."
  • Published a deepdive on many alarming details on how the company went bankrupt – and how there could be something fishy happening with a $3.2M double charge in May 2022 with no postmortem – in September 2022, in Inside Pollen’s Collapse: “$200M Raised” but Staff Unpaid - Exclusive
  • Worked with the BBC who then produced the documentary Crashed: $800M Festival Fail in June 2023. The documentary re-confirmed several parts of my reporting (and all parts of the original reporting has stood the test of time). The CEO got his wish, in the end to be covered by BBC – with a little help from me as well.

Analysis pieces that correctly predicted future events

On Lyft to potentially see job cuts

Analysis that turned out to be incorrect

I cannot predict the future and am sometimes wrong about how events will unfold. I reflect on when this happens.

For example, throughout 2022 I regularly reported how both my analysis and details from software engineers at Meta pointed to layoffs being a low likelihood (e.g. Meta's historic growth challenge in October 2022). Meta did layoffs in November 2022, which I reflected on here.