About Gergely

You can see what I'm up to on my now page and here are details how to connect with me.

I spent 4 years at Uber, in Amsterdam, heading up mobile, web and backend teams. I built large distributed systems, mobile apps and other things at scale. At Uber, I've shipped a part of the current payments system - the one that grew to processing around $65B/year in 60+ countries by 2019. It was fun challenge.

Prior to Uber I launched a big bold bet at Skyscanner - after a few pivots, this product ultimately failed and we shut it down. I was at Skype 2012-2014 building Skype for XBox One, and then shipping Skype for Web. Honorable mentions are building trading software at J.P. Morgan and building a few pretty good apps for Windows Phone.

Throughout my career I've been lucky to work with inspiring people, on challenging projects, solving interesting problems. On this blog, I'm sharing my learnings on pragmatic approaches for building and shipping successful products/projects, from an engineer and lead perspective. See also books I read and recommend and check out public talks I have given.


Here's how you can connect with me.


I monetize this website in two ways: affiliates and ads. I typically make about $100-150/month combined on these two sources - but in rare cases, this can be up to $1,000/month. This revenue pays for most of my running website costs: hosting via Ghost ($29/month), analytics via Plausible ($12/month), newsletter via Mailchimp ($80/month) and ConvertKit ($49/month). You can see the website's stats here.

1. Affiliates. If I bought a book or product and feel like writing about it, I'll do so. If the book/product has an affiliate program where I get anonymized stats on purchases, the customer does not have to pay more for the book/product and the creator of the product does not see significantly lower revenues, I might use this affiliate program to link to books/products. If this is not available, I link directly.

  • Amazon: I'm an Amazon associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases - usually around 1-4% of the price. What I particularly like about this program is how Amazon shares aggregated titles that people end up buying outside of just the book they clicked on, and I often get pretty good book recommendations like this myself! I use Geniuslink to direct visitors to the correct Amazon store, based on their region.
  • Gumroad books: for books I like that are also on Gumroad, I reach out to authors, asking for affiliate links with the lowest possible affiliate setting (Gumroad allows 1%, and has no way of a 0% "tracking"). I don't want to make money off first-time self-published Gumroad authors, but find it helpful to get a sense of which recommendations end up in a purchase with readers and which do not resonate.
  • Podia books: for books self-published on Podia, I add affiliate links where there is one available, but I ask authors to make no affiliate payouts to me. Similar to Gumroad, I'd rather creators keep revenue in their pockets.
  • Manning: I joined the Manning affiliate program and if a book I mention is published by them, I link to their site. This program pays 8% royalties (almost as much the cut for authors!). However, I've found that people usually just buy off Amazon over the Manning links.
  • Products I use: if I've paid for a product, and like it, I check if they have an affiliate program. If so, I link to it, when mentioning them. Products I've bought, like, and am an affiliate with include Grammarly (automated grammar check), Vellum (book publishing), Systems Design Interview: an Insider's Guide Online Course and SWECareers.

2. Advertising: I host Carbon ads on the sidebar of this blog. I chose them, as they are one of the least intrusive ad types, there's no more than one, smaller ad unit per page, the content that is not overly distracting and often relevant for software engineers.

I don't accept books or products to review as gifts, or affiliate pitches. I do welcome book recommendations though. If you either wrote, or know of a book related to software engineering/engineering management and you think it's good, you can send it to me. If I like it, I'll buy it and might review it, assuming I have the time.

I do not accept guest posts, or sponsored content in any form. I don't respond to requests like this sent my way.


You can contact me @GergelyOrosz over Twitter or at gergely@pragmaticengineer.com. If you do so, please send a message with content that warrants a response and I'll try to respond. I don't respond to "just saying hello" type of messages.