I'm a long-time engineer turned engineering manager living in Amsterdam, heading up mobile, web and backend teams. I build large distributed systems, mobile apps and other things at scale. At Uber, I've shipped a good part of the current payments system - the one that grew to processing around $50B/year in 60+ countries by 2018. It's a fun challenge.

Prior to Uber I launched a big bold bet at Skyscanner - after a few pivots, this product ultimately failed and we shut it down. I shipped Skype for Web, was the first engineer building Skype for XBox One and built trading software at J.P. Morgan. Back when Windows Phone started off I created a couple of apps that were popular at the time.

Throughout my career I've been lucky to work with inspiring people, on challenging projects, solving interesting problems. On this blog, I'm sharing my learnings on pragmatic approaches for building and shipping successful products/projects, from an engineer and lead perspective. You can also read about some of the books that I read and would recommend and check out some of the public talks I have given.

Interested in working with me? Read my take on on what it's like to work at Uber, in Amsterdam. Time permitting, I'm open to advising startups in Europe on how to scale up engineering.

You can contact me @GergelyOrosz on Twitter or at gergely@pragmaticengineer.com via email.