I write The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter - the #1 newsletter for engineering managers and senior engineers on Substack. I'm also an advisor at mobile.dev where we are building the new standard for mobile development.

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I spent 4 years at Uber, in Amsterdam, heading up mobile, web and backend teams. I built large distributed systems, mobile apps and other things at scale. At Uber, I've shipped a part of the current payments system - the one that grew to processing around $65B/year in 60+ countries by 2019. It was fun and a bit crazy at times.

Prior to Uber worked at Skyscanner and Skype. At Skype/Microsoft, I worked on Skype for XBox One and Skype for Web. Honorable mentions for building trading software at J.P. Morgan and shipping a few apps for Windows Phone.


Here's how you can connect with me.

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