Testimonials for The Pragmatic Engineer Job Board

The Pragmatic Engineer Job Board is one of the best places to list senior engineering and leadership roles and The Pragmatic Engineer Talent Collective is a great place to directly contact hand-picked software engineering and engineering leader candidates.

Companies scoring at least 10/12 on The Pragmatic Engineer Test can list positions on The Pragmatic Engineer Job Board.

"🚀 Got 2 AMAZING Director of Engineering candidates this month

The Pragmatic Engineer Job Board is giving me early Github Jobs vibe, back when it was the highest-signal job board in the developer hiring game. Gergely Orosz has built a top-notch community and if you're hiring senior+ developers, you should absolutely check it out."

- Wes Winham Winler, founder/CEO at Woven

"We just submitted another role for a Product Engineer. Your job site is the only one that works for us so great job :)"

- Lukas Köbis, cofounder at Causal

"We had by far the largest inbound from the featured listing on your newsletter, compared to all other sources we advertised on."


"We hired engineer #2 though your platform 🤩"

- Willem Sprujit, cofounder & CTO of Rise Calendar

Typical job post statistics for featured listings:

  • ~3,000 impressions
  • ~500-1,000 job clicks
  • ~10-40 apply clicks
  • ~5-10x as many applications for job posts that list salary ranges

Subscribers to The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter get 25% off of featured job posting, and 50% off standard job posts. See details here.

Post a job here: $750 for featured, $450 for standard postings. For $500/month, apply to be part of The Pragmatic Engineer Talent Collective, which includes a standard job post.

Suggestions for job posts

Please see my suggestions on how to write a job ad that attracts qualified software engineer candidates.

Featured jobs get ~5-10x as much engagement in terms of post clicks and applications versus standard jobs. This is because these jobs are advertised not just on the job board, but other properties (this website, my newsletter, and a shoutout on Twitter).

See also the "The job description" section in my article Hiring Software Engineers.

Money-back guarantee

Full money-back guarantee if you don't receive any qualified candidates from your job listing. Please send an email to jobs (at) pragmaticengineer (dot) com if this is the case.


Companies that I cannot do business with:

  • Crypto companies. I view the unregulated nature of crypto a major risk, especially that this risk is not exposed to retail investors, and I do not promote any company issuing their own tokens. I also do not do business with companies that either support or build on top of PoW crypto technologies (e.g. BTC). This is both because I condemn the environmental impact of this activity and pledged to not benefit, sponsor or promote PoW in any way (directly or indirectly).
  • Hiring only in locations where being LGBT can carry a death penalty. Software engineering is a diverse field, with some of the highest performing teams composed of various gender, race, religion, and sexual orientations backgrounds. I am unwilling to promote postings that hire only in locations where being different - such as being LGBT - is criminalized, and can carry the death penalty. Countries include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Northern Nigeria, and others.