The Tech Resume

What a good developer resume looks like.

There’s a myth of it being easy to get a job as a developer. While there are times where this might be true - especially if you are a senior or staff software engineer working at FAANG or other hot tech companies - this is not the case for most devs. As soon as you get out on the job market and start applying for jobs, the myth of having it easy quickly disappears.

The COVID-19 reality is also setting in. As of May 2020, many software developers have been laid off, all while there are fewer companies hiring for fewer engineering positions. This results in what will likely be the most competitive market to land a software development job since the dotcom bust in 2001. In this market, there will be more cold applications via resumes to advertised developer positions than ever before.

This guide will help you craft a good tech resume that represents you fairly, increasing your chances of getting to that recruiter call.

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