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👋 This is Gergely, author of The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter.

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  • Over Signal (the most secure channel) add me at +31 6 8559 2023. You can set up disappearing messages for sharing sensitive details - please set this to at 5 minutes or more if you do (ideally, to a day or more).
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I write a column called The Scoop. This column covers patterns, trends and - sometimes! - gossip I hear within Big Tech and high-growth startups.

I love to hear scoop you might have seen or heard. I'm especially interested in things relevant for software engineers and those working in the tech org. As a software engineer - and someone who was an engineering manager - I'm less interested in things that the mainstream media would cover and far more interested in the nitty-gritty things that impact software engineers at a company.

Note to PR/marketing people: please don't send me anything. I don't do "EMBARGOED" messages, and reserve the right to post such messages in full like this one. I block anyone sending "EMBARGOED" emails, and don't respond.

I treat all messages as anonymous, meaning I won't reveal information or details that can identify you, and I protect the identity of sources (people who send messages).

You cand send messages via:

  • Send me stories about companies (e.g. fund raising, interesting stories) through this form. I try to cover interesting startups, and their stories, from time-to-time in The Scoop.
  • Send me 'good scoop' through this form (success stories, milestones, or good things that you observed, big or small!)
  • Over email at scoop (at) pragmaticengineer (dot) com
  • Over Signal (the most secure channel) add me at +31 6 8559 2023. You can set up disappearing messages for sharing sensitive details - please set this to at 5 minutes or more if you do (ideally, to a day or more).

Examples of Scoops

Example of scoops I write:

Send me investor updates

This is an experiment, started in May 2023.

I stopped investing in startups as I want to remain unbiased in my writing. If I would keep investing, I would have a pull to recommend companies I have a material stake in, even if I would consciously aim to counter-balance this. You can see all my existing investments here and my ethics statement here.

The biggest thing I miss about not making further investments is how I do not get more investor updates: which are often interesting, in getting a pulse on how a given company is doing.

If you are a tech startup founder: you can send me investor updates- even though I am not an investor. You are welcome to edit these, redact them, only send a part of it, etc. For interesting updates, I could follow up to get more details and share interesting stories that I find relevant for readers of The Pragmatic Engineer.

I will not share details without confirming these and sharing a draft with you: and you can say no to the details being shared. I understand it's a privilege to get such updates as a non-investor, and I do not want to publicly share details that might not be ready for such distribution: hence my promise to double-check before publishing any details received on this channel.

Why investor updates? Because you've already done the work, and they tend to be jam-packed with interesting insights. Raw details and insights coming first-hand are things I am most interested in!

Also, these updates give me the opportunity to "be part" of a company – even if only a little – but without having a financial incentive to cover it. Basically: I talk about companies that are interesting for some reason, and not ones where I have a financial interest.

You can send updates to updates (at) I am unlikely to reply to messages sent this way, even though I will likely read them. No PR messages or agencies please: I block such senders for good.