How Many People Are on This Site?

I integrated Plausible analytics on this site. On top of the very small footprint of the analytics script (under 1KB) and no-tracking-and-not-selling-your-data-for-advertising part, a really neat thing is how you can make your dashboard public.

Here is the dashboard for The Pragmatic Engineer with public (and live) visitor information, and historic stats. For another example, see the live dashboard for Note that I have no affiliation with Plausible beyond being a paying customer for their solution - as I like the idea of public stats.

I offset the hosting and analytics cost with a less intrusive ad network and affiliate links for books. For ads, I use Carbon Ads - the cleanest and most relevant ad solution I found for tech blogs. And for some of the books I have read and recommend, I link with affiliate links. So if you click through to one of the books from the Reading List page and end up buying it, you help with the running cost of this site.