The War in Ukraine

I stand with Ukraine, not just with words, but using the means that I have. As of 24 February, 2022 - the start of Russia's invasion - my family and I are redirecting what we have put aside as monthly savings to support refugees and the Ukrainian army.

Organizations I am supporting:

How you can help

If you are European: the future of Europe is being decided now. I urge you to act, so this war is not just Russia vs Ukraine, but Russia vs Ukraine supported by all of Europe.

  • Help refugees if you are in Europe. The UN estimates 7 million people to flee: all who have left on short notice, with little to no savings and few basic items. Ways to help include offering a shelter to stay, helping buy groceries and basic necessities, offering medical supplies, helping with transportation, donating blood, and donating money to charities for the above efforts. Consider helping local organizations or ones like the Red Cross.
  • Your voice. Express support for Ukraine and condemn the Russian aggression on social media or on protests on the streets. Every voice matters.
  • Donate. Send money to the Ukrainian Army or to humanitarian organizations.
  • Amplify. Amplify initiatives that help those in Ukraine either with supplies or with fleeing.
  • Look up sources before sharing controversial articles and verify the information coming from trusted places. There are lots of made-up information circling around, especially on social media.
  • Urge your government. If your government has not yet acted decisive enough, contact your MPs and urge economic sanctions and aiding support.


If you are living in Europe, Putin's war on Ukraine is about you as well. Putin's open goal is to restore the USSR territory and influence, penetrating into central Europe over the next decade. If Ukraine falls, he will not stop: he will get even more bold.

I was born into the Eastern Block and my family had the chance to settle in the US in 1990, getting a green card. We chose not to, coming back to Hungary because my parents saw a future that did not involve being occupied by Russia and one without the Cold War and the threat of a nuclear standoff.

Putin now wants to bring back of what he thinks is the glory days of the USSR and the Eastern Block. When Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Albania were all under Russian influence. Citizens lived in a world of quiet fear, one where teaching Russian was mandatory in schools, fleeing West close to impossible and where Russians could enter with tanks when they pleased - and they did! It was a time where the though of living freely in a democracy was but a dream.

I don't want this past to return. Right now, Ukraine is the only thing standing in Putin's way on this road.