Writing a Blurb for Building Mobile Apps at Scale

What is a blurb?

A blurb is a recommendation, coming from you. It's a few sentences saying something positive about the book, and offering a reason why people should read it.

The best blurbs are typically one of these categories:

  • Talks about something specific in the book: they mention something specific that you found good about the book (e.g. "The Automated Testing section has transformed how I approach thinking about snapshot tests...")
  • Compares to something else good (e.g. "I'll be putting this book next to Designing Data Intensive Application on my bookshelf...")
  • Shares something personal, like a story (e.g. "I've been struggling to articulate to non-mobile engineers just how complex mobile applications can be...")

How will your blurb be used?

Your blurb might be used in a few places:

Submitting your blurb

Please fill out this form by Mon, 29 March. Alternatively, you can email the blurb to me as well.