Sponsoring The Pragmatic Engineer

I occasionally receive inquiries about sponsorships for The Pragmatic Engineer newsletter or blog. The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter is the #1 technology newsletter on Substack.

I do not offer any form of sponsorships, partnerships, or collaborations in exchange for any form of payment or financial benefit (including affiliates). This is because I want to stay independent as a newsletter and unbiased in my coverage. This independence is more valuable for me than any sponsorship might be. See also my ethics statement. And here are some more details on how much I made and why I removed ads from this blog, and why I removed affiliate links.

I do recommend other newsletters for sponsorship. All the below ones are quality newsletters read by engaged audience which tend to offer good price-for-value in sponsorships. As with all my recommendations, I have not been paid to recommend these – I just like them, and so do sponsors I talked with:


  • TLDR newsletter. The largest daily newsletter for tech professionals, read by more than 1M+ professionals. The newsletter has the best price-for-value advertiser options for organizations optimizing for reaching an engaged tech audience: heavily recommended. I'm a regular reader.
  • ByteByteGo newsletter. The most-read free technology newsletter on Substack with 500K+ subscribers. Written by Alex Xu, author of The Systems Design Interview. Of all the below newsletters, the audience overlaps the most with The Pragmatic Engineer and is a deeply technical one. I'm a regular reader.
  • The Pointer. A curated newsletter targeting software engineers and engineering leaders. One of my favorite newsletters, and I highly recommend sponsorships. I'm a regular reader.
  • Programming Digest and Tech Lead Digest weekly newsletters for software engineers for engineering leaders. I advertised in both newsletters and was happy with the results.
  • Big Technology. A weekly newsletter with ~130K subscribers that startups and established companies advertise in to reach the tech world's top decision-makers. Message Alex (https://wa.me/15166958680) for details. I'm a regular reader.
  • Bytes Dev. One of the most popular JavaScript newsletters with 100K+ subscribers.
  • iOS Dev Weekly. The largest and highest quality newsletter for iOS engineers with more than 45K subscribers. I advertised here and was happy with the results.
  • Android Weekly. The most-read newsletter for Android engineers.