Sponsorship Opportunities

I occasionally receive inquiries about sponsorships for The Pragmatic Engineer newsletter or blog.

I do not offer any form of sponsorships, partnerships or collaborations in exchange for any form of payment or any financial benefit. This is because I want to stay fully independent as a newsletter and blog, and be unbiased in any recommendations I make.

The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter is the #1 technology newsletter on Substack, and this independent viewpoint, together with the no advertisements, no sponsorships, no hidden advertisements helps in building trust with readers.

When writing The Pragmatic Engineer I often lean on my network for examples when researching topics. I often source these from engineers, founders, and managers I personally know, or whose companies I have invested in and have a good communications channel with. I always disclose investment affiliation with companies and aim to keep an independent viewpoint.

The only ad on my website and free newsletter are featured job posts from The Pragmatic Engineer Job Board.

A the same time, I can recommend sites and newsletters to reach software engineers which do offer paid sponsorships: