Templates as Inspiration for Software Engineers and Engineering Managers

While I was at Uber I became somewhat known for creating templates documents, and encouraging engineers and managers to use them for things like perf reviews, work logs and others, as a starting point. I encouraged others to improve these templates, and to customize and make them their own.

I've "re-created" a few of these, and I'm sharing it with the same intent. I'll add new ones to this page, as I come around to the several other templates that served me over the years.

I do not suggest blindly copying any of these documents. Instead, use them as inspiration. They worked for me, in my use case. Others at Uber took them, changed them, and used them. Many others didn't use them at all. If you think they'll help: give it a go, iterate on them, and make them yours!

For software engineers

For tech leads and engineering managers

For job hunting

Featured Pragmatic Engineer Jobs

  1. Engineering Leader - Card Platform at X1 Card. $250K+. Remote (US).
  2. Engineering Leader - Card Product at X1 Card. $250K+. Remote (US).
  3. Senior Android Engineer at Polarsteps. Amsterdam.
  4. Frontend Software Engineer at Enveritas. $130-150K. Remote (Global).
  5. Senior Software Engineer, Distributed Systems at Mixpanel. $200-270K + equity. New York, San Franciso, Seattle or Remote (US).
  6. Senior Software Engineer, Fullstack at Mixpanel. $200-270K + equity. New York, San Franciso, Seattle or Remote (US).
  7. Software Development Manager - eCommerce at Card Kingdom. $175-195K. Seattle, WA or Remote (US).
  8. Senior Frontend Engineer at Pento. £80-92K. Remote (Global).
  9. Senior Fullstack Engineer at Synthesia. £70-110K . Remote (Europe or US Eastern time) or onsite (London, Amsterdam, New York).
  10. Senior Backend Engineer at Synthesia. £70-110K . Remote (Europe or US Eastern time) or onsite (London, Amsterdam, New York).
  11. Senior Frontend Engineer at (catch) Health. $90-120K + equity. Remote (North America).
  12. Staff Backend Engineer at Pento. £95-115K. Remote (Global).
  13. Senior Full Stack Engineer (Laravel / Vue) at RXMG. Remote (Global).
  14. Sr. Cloud Infrastructure Support Engineer at RXMG. Remote (Global).
  15. Founding Engineer, Front End and API at Causal. $175-225K - equity. Boston.
  16. Senior Full Stack/Frontend Engineer at Vitally.io. $180-270K. New York or Remote (US).
  17. Senior Software Engineer - Core Platform at CAST.AI. €72-€96K. Remote (EU).
  18. Senior Software Engineer - Cost Optimization at CAST.AI. €72-€96K. Remote (EU).
  19. Solution Architect at CAST.AI. Remote (EU).
  20. Senior Software Engineer - Security at CAST.AI. Remote (EU).
  21. Solutions Engineer at Pigment. $70-120K. New York or Toronto.

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