Who is Still Hiring Software Engineers and EMs?

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This article was updated in December 2022.

In the midst of gloomy news about hiring freezes and layoffs, let's highlight companies which are growing  and hiring. I asked people to share companies which are hiring software engineers and engineering managers, and to provide the following details:

  • What does the company do, in one sentence?
  • Roles being hired for.
  • Locations.
  • One good thing about the place, as shared by the person submitting it.
  • Link to more information, or to apply.

I was hoping for 100-200 companies hiring, but the final list contains well over 1,300:

Companies hiring software engineers and engineering managers. View the full list here.

View the whole spreadsheet here.

What I especially like about this set is that people have said what they like about places, and frequently added even more context in additional comments.

I feel this list is a nice counterbalance to the grim news about widespread headcount reductions. There’s a lot of places which are growing and looking for new colleagues to join!

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The full The Scoop edition additionally covers:

  1. Meta’s historic layoffs. I have long maintained my opinion that Meta was unlikely to do layoffs, and terminating employees should be avoidable. Yet, Meta let 13% of staff go a week ago. Why did the company do this, and where did I go wrong with my prediction? Analysis.
  2. Twitter 2.0: full reset. Only three weeks after taking over the company, Elon Musk seems to be pushing for a full culture – and personnel – reset at the social media company. Exclusive details.
  3. GitPod’s product roadmap. The cloud deployment environment scaleup has raised $25M in funding. I talked with the co-founder and CEO about their plans, and how GitPod is different from GitHub Codespaces. Exclusive.
  4. Adyen: investing while others are laying off. Adyen is a competitor to Stripe, processing a similar number of bookings, aka gross merchandise value (GMV). Their CEO issued a note to explain why they will not reduce headcount. Analysis.

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