The Scoop: Tech Layoffs in 2022

I get a lot of scoop sent by readers (thank you!). Sadly, in 2022, a good part of the scoop is about companies laying off people. Some of this scoop has not been reported before.

I don't want to broadcast layoffs on Twitter or LinkedIn continuously, but also don't want this information to be lost. This page collects scoops I receive, some of which might not have been reported elsewhere.

For a far more complete overview of layoffs, please see

November 2022

16 November

  • Hopin. The 3rd layoffs in 2022, combined with the transformation of the company. Hopin said 17% of staff was let go. The VP of Product, Directors, Head of Data Science all let go. Verified. Source.

15 November

  • Typeform (SaaS for building+analyzing surveys): expected to impact ~30% of the ~470 employees. "We did not meet our anticipated growth of 45% and fells hort of our goals". ARR of the company is $79M in Q3, and is anticipated to be at $82M at end of year, vs the $105M forecasted. Verified.
  • Babylon Health (healthcare tech: schedule doctors from your device): let go of ~100 people from a staff of around 1,500. Verified.
  • Productboard (SaaS for creating product roadmaps): 20% of people let go, about 100 people. Verified. Source.

14 November

Pipedrive (a sales customer relationship manager platform): 143 employees let go (~15%). Most of this is from R&D, a big part of it engineers. Reason: less growth than expected - the company's focus is SME. Some key engineers let go, some newer teams also let go. "Definitely some good talent to pick up from the alumni." Verified. Source.

10 November

Wistia (video marketing SaaS) let go 20% of staff, about 40 people. Verified.

8 November

Beat: full shutdown. Beat was a ride-sharing company operating in Greece and Latin America, with a large tech hub in Amsterdam. In Daimler acquired the company for $43M and kept operating it. On 8 November, Daimler decided to shut down Beat, including letting go ~600 people, ~170 of whom were software engineers. A skeleton crew will operate the service until the end of 2022.

Daimler has decided to focus on their other ride-sharing service, FREE NOW, which is also a competitor to Uber in Europe.

In Mexico, the company had a large initiative with private drivers and a fleet of Tesla cars. That operation is in talks of selling to other investors.

Meta - 13% layoffs. Widely-reported, e.g. here.

7 November

Domino Data Lab (data workflow platform, Series E). 25% of their workforce laid off. Engineering and design are impacted. Verified.

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  16. Staff Software Engineer at Deepset. Remote (US, Europe).

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